Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Who had a great day with Nuhaka?

Today was our 4th annual Nuhaka Sports Exchange.  We played Rugby, Netball and Chess.  It was stiff competition but we all had a great time!  It concluded with a shared lunch.

Here were the scores:
  • Rugby:  85 - 5 to Makaraka
  • Chess:  16 - 24 to Nuhaka
  • Netball:  13 - 10 to Makaraka
It was so neat to see familiar faces from last year and play exciting games together.  They are also lucky to have their very own School Bus - and a fab teacher to drive it!  

Comment below and let us know what your favourite part of the day was!

Check out our new Netball dresses! (And our wonderful boy players!)


  1. my favorite part of the day was watching the netball because the game was intense

  2. Kia ora Tawhirimatea, Great to see the ongoing connection with Nuhaka School in sports. Are there some other ways you can connect in between sports events? Do they have blogs?
    Mrs Krausse

    1. Good idea Mrs Krausse! We might have to check that out!


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