Thursday, August 26, 2021

Production rehearsals continue in Lockdown!

This year the production may look a little different! Lockdown has put a little spanner in the works! 

 We will let you know how we are going to proceed once we know how much time we have. In the mean time we have been doing online script writing and rehearsals! 

 Those that have joined have been loving it and having a lot of fun learning about the characters.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Lockdown Maths Lesson

This is our maths learning during lockdown!  

Friday, August 13, 2021

Samoan Siva

On Fridays this term Koka Tania has been teaching us the Samoan Siva.  She is a dancer herself. There are different moves for the boys and girls so far we have done verse 1 and the chorus.  This is a lot of fun and the music is great to listen to! 

Here are the actions can you practice them at home? 

Boys actions

Girls actions

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Why is the May Fly endangered?

Over the last 2 weeks the Year 5 and 6's attended a learning day immersed in the environment out at Waikereru Reserve on Riverside Road.  The Wildlab is funded by Air New Zealand and offers integrated learning about our environment through science, the arts and on location experiences.  

Here we are watching an actor give us information about why the May Fly is endangered. 

We climbed a big hill and looked at the surrounding geography learning about how the reserve was rebuilt from barren farmland. 

After lunch we spent some time down at the river looking for May Fly lavae in the river.  The May Fly is an insect that decomposes the algae and provides nutrients in the water for higher species such as fish and birds.  They need 95% pure water to survive!  This is why they are endangered - our rivers are shockingly polluted!  The May Fly is an interesting insect!  What facts did you learn? 

Some people would like the Waimata River to have the status of a person so that it can be treated better and we can prosecute anyone who pollutes it!  What do you think about that? 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Makaraka School - Learning on the beach!

We all love Kai Moana!   The mighty Tangaroa provides a large variety of Kai that is very good for us!  From  fish to shellfish to seaweed there is something for everyone!  

On Monday May 10, our whole school went to Kaiti Beach and Gisborne Fisheries to learn about Kai Moana in the natural environment and how it is processed after it is harvested. We ended the day with a walk to collect rubbish!  We need to look after Tangaroa!  

At the rocky shore we had Amy from the Marine Reserve came to talk to us about the Moana and help us to identify some of the species. We spent some time looking around the rock pools and even found an octopus hiding in there! 

AQ highlight at the beach was the lunch Mr Swann made for us!  Mussels on the open fire!  We learnt that you can harvest them and eat them right on the spot!  


We had two fisheries officers come and tell us about their job and how they check the boats and catch that people do around the East Coast!  

Make sure this doesn't happen to you! 

Mr Zame showed us around his family business.  How fish are processed and bought into the factory.  We saw the pools of crayfish waiting to go off to China!  They love East Coast Crays!  

What a fun and exciting learning day!  

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Wild Kai - Bush Stoves

We are learning about all different types of Kai.  Where it comes from, how to cook it and how different cultures think about kai!  We all need Kai and it is an important part of all cultures social and emotional hauora!  

Today we were learning about Wild Kai and how to identify some types of kai that we can eat from the wild.  We will continue with this next Tuesday at Waihirere with Sam The Trap Man helping us!  

In preparation for this visit we made hobo stoves to take to Waihirere to cook on.  Hobo stoves are little burner stoves made from a large and small tin can!  We tested them out by making pancakes and eating them!  Yum! 

Yum yum yum! Can't wait for some bush kai next week!  

Please send along any tin cans like spaghetti can size that we can use as our billys!  

Cedenco Foods - Behind the scenes!

As part of our Kai learning we visited Cedenco Foods to see how food is processed.  Cedenco is a local company owned by a Japanese Family who source local produce and turn it into puree, powder or frozen foods.  

We got to taste some of it: 

See how it is tested and kept to high quality: 

And see how the food is processed and packaged! 

What a great learning experience!  Thanks Carla and the team! I wonder what facts you can remember about Cedenco for example:
What does Brix measure?  
How many different fruit and vegetables do they process?  
What countries buy Cedenco products?