Saturday, June 9, 2018

Matariki 2018

Matariki - Papa Pura

Ko Matariki te timatanga o te tau

Ko Matariki te hurihanga o te tau

Ko Matariki he taonga toku iho

Ko Matariki he tohu kotahitanga e   e e

Tuturu whakamaua kia tina    TINA
Haumi e,  hui e, taiki e

The beginning of the year
The changing of the seasons
A treasure to be passed down
A sign to be together
This is Matariki

Our whole school had a rotation around 6 activities to do with art, taonga and being together.  At lunchtime we had a Hakari - feast to celebrate in the sharing of food.  Matariki is a time to share stories, be together and pass on traditions.  Every year we learn about what this means and reflect on how it feels to remember our culture in this way.  

A fun day!  Thanks Mrs McPherson for organising our groups!  Thanks all the teachers for fun activities to help us learn by doing!  

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