Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What has Seeds R Us been up to?

Comparing colour charts to make a judgement on Medium or Low Phosphorous. 

"Mary and Bob" Interviewing Seeds R Us employees about the safety witnessed on our farm trip!

Being Interviewed by Government officials on farm health and safety. 

Interviews on farm safety. 

A tough interviewer - Charlie made sure he got honesty buy asking questions carefully. 

Microscope work!  Hunting for nodules on the clover. 

Seeing clover nodules with our new microscope. 

Plantain seed germinating and close up of Sub clover and the hairy leaves! 

Germination test to see the percentage of geminating seeds. 

Measuring the growth rate! 


  1. Today tom became a botanist. He came up to show me a piece of clover and he showed me the nodules. He explained these help fix nitrogen in the soil. I know his grandad would be very impressed.

    1. Fantastic!!! We are soooo enthusiastic about clover and farming! Our new microscope has been a hit and we are seeing evidence of the nitrogen in our testing!!! That is fantastic he is sharing with you!

  2. Authentic and engaging learning. Wish I had these opportunities when I was at school!


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