Friday, June 22, 2018

The pH of different soils - Why it matters!

This week we have had 2 visitors to Seeds R us.  Part of our job is to be able to assess problems and work out how to solve them for the land owner.  Mr Wiliams (aka James) taught us about different grasses and fertilisers.

                      Urea - Nitrogen                    Super Phosphate                      Sulphur

Why do we use them and how do they work?  He mentioned this term pH - the potential of Hydrogen.

Different soils and plants like different pH's.  Some are acidic and some are basic.  Wow - what does this mean?
What an array of colours in the different soils.  Which ones are neutral? 

Sooo Mr Pollock (aka Nick) came in and taught us about soils and where they come from.  We were able to look at them under the microscope and test them for pH - acidity levels.
Mr Pollick AKA Nick is an Agronomist.  Here he is talking about different soils!

Why do we need to know this?  Can you comment below what you think this information helps with?

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  1. Hmm, so I wonder which is the best soil type for growing grass year round?


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