Friday, June 1, 2018

Dr Lisa Hulme-Moir veterinary pathologist visit

Seeds 'R Us had a visit from a vet who works in a lab that tests animal samples for diseases.  We were very lucky to be able to hear how she does her job and what sorts of things she tests.  Mainly blood! We learnt that red blood cells are the cells that take oxygen around the body and the white blood cells are the ones that fight bacteria and diseases!  White blood cells are much bigger than red ones.

Not all diseases are the same and don't get transferred the same.  For example diseases that effect cows mostly don't effect sheep or humans.  There are some that do though!  We got to look at some microscope slides and see some close-ups of blood cells which are in the powerpoint below.

We were very interested in the mycoplasma bovis bacteria and how that is spread.  It is effecting many farms around NZ particularly dairy farms.  Dr Lisa was able to clarify for us how this is happening.

Lisa thought she was going to talk for 30 mins but ended up staying 1 hr 20 because of our questions!


  1. You have put some facts on there mrs hall! You piece of writing is very interesting.

  2. I really loved learning about the blood seles and what Lisa does. she taught us about life and when she was just a little girl now she is a fabulous Veterinary pathologist.

    1. That's right Julia! All the hard work at school pays off when you are older! You never know what you will be in life!

  3. good blog Mrs Hall keep up the good work.

  4. I really enjoyed listening and learning about all of the different types of diseases. I thought it was very interesting how one disease only majorly effected cattle and not other animals like sheep. The disease could get coughed on the sheep but it wouldn't effect them. Lisa was such a great help for our business and i'm sure that all of the information that we learned will be the answers to some problems in the future.


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