Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Seeds 'R Us

What has Seeds R Us been up to lately? 

Well we are just about to begin our trials for different types of pasture.  Thanks to PGG Wrightson we have some different varieties to test and study closely.  PGG Wrightson have also offered a beanie each to the team who grows the best seeds!  Wow - corporate sponsorship :-)

Firstly we needed to make our little greenhouses to put the seed trays into.  This means that we can be frost free and keep in some warmth to make the seeds grow in the winter.  We are planning to measure:
  • Growth rate
  • Soil nutrients
  • The effect of different nutrients on growth, looks and nutritional value. 
We have also been looking at clover.  This is an interesting and clever plant that takes nitrogen from the air and turns it into a chemical that plants can use.  The nodules on the clover's roots have bacteria which turns nitrogen from the air into useable chemicals that plants can absorb.  This could lead into some really interesting trials that farmers could use!  Mmmm interesting food for thought! 

We look forward to seeing some experts in this area over the next few weeks and widening our field of expertise! 

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