Monday, June 11, 2018

Whangara Farm B5 Station Agronomist visit

Our second farm study was a huge success despite the weather!  It was cold but the rain held off till we were back at school!  Whangara is a hive of activity for research!  They study everything they can!  From the weather and soil temperatures to grass growth rate, seed trials and drought resistance, erosion control and pole nurseries to breeds of sheep  - merino cross!  What an adventure.  

I really enjoyed seeing the pole nursery and how that worked with cutting off the branches and ramming them into the ground.  Evidently they just grow - put down a root and off they go!  Amazing.  No chemicals needed!  A really sustainable and cheap way of helping the environment.  It was a pleasure to see Kaitiakitanga in action.  

The seed trials were interesting and gave us some great tips for how to measure our own trials but cutting and weighing.  We also found out a great germination test to have a go at!  

Work work work!  So much to carry on with now! 

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