Monday, July 16, 2018

War Memorial Theatre Arts night

On a starry night by the light of the moon the River and Sea Creatures play together!
Each year students from Makaraka School create something artistic to showcase the performing arts.  This year we created 4 performances in our House groups.  House groups are cross school groups where we do whole school activities.  Each house group took one of our school values and created a performance to show the key ideas of that value.  

Blue House  - Kia Maia, Stand Proud

Red House - Kia Kaha, Be Strong and brave

Yellow House - Kia Manawanui, Have a Heart

Green House - Tuku Patai, Be Hungry to Learn and Have Curiosity. 

After these performances were shown, the Year 5 and 6's performed their Stage Art entry which is going to be in a competition in Napier.  The Stage Art is about a local Whatatutu story depicting a man called Whirikoka and his pet seal Oioi.  The story explains how oil is made and the origins of fossil fuels.  

Here is our performance: 


  1. Well done every student who was in the arts nights play i think we all had a blast of a time and will be ready to came back to school with big smiles and will be ready to learn Exciting!!

  2. Thanks Kate! Looking forward to Term 3!


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