Thursday, July 26, 2018

Exploring the Living World

Mr Swann introducing us to Tarere
Manaia who is a part of Tarere Iwi

Planting the 250 Trees
Yay we did it!
Tarere is Makaraka School's closest Marae and today we went to visit.  We planted some trees for them along the river to help build up a native bush area.

It was hard work getting the spade down through the grass roots but in the end we planted a lot of trees and then headed back to school for a well earned morning tea.

After morning tea, we ended up at Gray's Bush to explore the bug life a little closer!  We found some interesting looking things!


  1. this is really interesting to read.From cutie

  2. Hi tawhirimatea I had a lot of fun at greys bush. I enjoyed looking at the big trees and the fallen tree. I also enjoyed looking for bugs in the trees and under branches.
    From John

    1. Thank you John. We are glad you are enjoying being with us in New Zealand!


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