Monday, July 23, 2018

Welcome to our Beijing guests for 2 weeks!

Today we had 6 students from Beijing, China arrive at our school.  Boy did they have an action packed day with our science immersion week! 

If you see them around here are the rooms they are in! 

Room Tangaroa - Leevi 6yrs
Room Rongomatane - Tiger 8yrs
Room Tanemahuta - Kevin 10yrs & Julie 9yrs
Rm Tawhirimatea - YuQin - 'Cutie' 12yrs & John Diao 11yrs

The parents and students bought with them a beautiful waiata to sing from Taiwan which they said has genetic relationships to NZ Maori!

The students and their parents had a great welcome with a Powhiri and morning tea. We then got straight into our week of science. We really look forward to learning more about them and their schooling over in China!

Here is Tiger performing some Kung Fu!  Amazing! 

Everyone was right at home at morning tea! Joining into a football game and having a great time getting to know others! What a fantastic attitude :-)
Morning Tea Footy Game

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