Friday, May 1, 2020

Try out our Space food!

We made our food look like it's from outer space!  It was super fun and delicious!  These creations are amazing!  I am blown away by the time you took to think of these and how you managed to create them! We shared at our meet this morning!

Izabella-Rose's Planet Earth Cupcake! 

Choose some of them to try out yourselves!  You will be blasted into outer space!  There's enough in here for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


  1. Wow! They all look like delicious masterpieces. I might have to try turn some food into something spacey, especially since looking at these have made me hungry.

  2. My goodness, What amazing looking space food you have all created. So many different types of food creations, I bet they all tasted delicious.

  3. What amazing creations everyone has come up with. A great creative experiment and the opportunities are really endless. I like that everyone made something a little different. I wonder which was the tastiest?
    Annie Cousins


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