Friday, May 1, 2020

Rocket Adventures with Miss Moat

For the art challenge this week, we were meant to make origami rockets! I was pretty excited because I love making origami, especially paper cranes. When I was younger I was able to fold a paper crane with my eyes close!

This is the paper crane I made at the beginning of the week. It is the first paper crane I have made since 2015. The paper was very thick and it made it hard to fold. 

To make my paper rocket, I first got a piece of A4 paper, and then had to turn it into a square. I followed a youtube video and proceeded to make my rocket. It was challenging as the video went very quickly. To overcome this problem, I had to keep pausing and rewinding the video.

Finally I finished folding my rocket. I know my folds are not perfect, and the rocket is on a little bit of a lean, however I am proud that I was able to face the challenge and fold an origami rocket. 

The white paper looked a little plain, so I decided to colour it in. I used blue for the fuselage. I then coloured the fins with yellow and orange to make it look like flames. 

The rocket then went on an adventure. Read through the slides to see what happened!


  1. I really like that origami rocket! So impressed that it could fly! I also had tree issues a couple of weeks ago!

    1. Thank you Mrs Hall, I am proud of myself that I made it. It sounds like trees are a problem they're getting in the way of our flying fun...

  2. Your origami rocket is awesome. Malia also made an origami rocket but not like the three dimensional one you have made. Isn't it amazing the creative things that can be made with just paper! What other origami creations have you been making?


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