Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Kotahi Raranga - Weaving together our lockdown experiences...

We have been remembering the people in our bubbles and activities that helped us to get through the 8 weeks of lockdown: 
Figuring it out.

We each made an aho (warp thread) of the people in our bubble and a whenu (weft thread) of the activities we enjoyed for the weaving and then joined them together with groups.  This has shown us how experiences can be similar and yet different. 

We are now going to look at the centre 9 squares and create a lockdown dance to interpret our raranga!  Watch this space for the video!  


  1. Wow love the creativity. Can't wait to see the dance. Excited.

  2. Awesome work Tamariki. Malia told me all about this last night and I love the concept. The finished work looks beautiful!
    From Annie Cousins

  3. This was cool that we had to make our own weaving I love doing it and I hope that we can do some thing like this again

  4. Hi Mrs Hall this looks really good I like the Raranga weaving activity I can see all the lockdown activitys I can't wait to see the video dance of lockdown


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