Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hero's Engine, class data.

Last week we studied Hero of Alexandria and his invention the Aeolipile. 
We made some out of soda cans and tested to see if we could get the maximum number of revolutions out of a can full of water!  

Here is our class data.  The most common number of holes was 5 and the highest number of spins for 5 holes was 18!  

Wow I wonder how Libby made her Hero Engine get 81 revolutions!  Head to her blog and find out!  

What other results in our class data surprised you? 

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  1. Hi Mrs Hall,
    Well I put two soda cans together so that there was more water inside so that there was more thrust too get it too spin thank you for mentioning my name in you post I enjoyed the work you gave us a lot I am so glad I came too Makaraka School Thank you again From Libby.


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