Friday, May 22, 2020

Rocket Straw Games

Remember those rocket straws?  Well today we printed out the games we made up and played them together! 

It was a great end to a fun 1st week back!  We really enjoyed being together this week and catching up with each other.


  1. looks like we are having some fun there some rocket worked and some did not because we had paper straws

  2. i think that is cool and it look fun

  3. Wonderful,
    You guys must of have had a lot of fun!
    These pictures look fabulous!
    This post reminds me of when we shot fireworks on new years eve night!

  4. I loved playing these games and at home good job getting al the games in
    the next time we play these fun games i'll remember to make my last rocket
    i really liked the rocket tag game because i got edan even when i had
    a rocket that was'in really working.

  5. I remember the rockets! they were really fun to play with over lock down I really enjoyed playing all the rocket games and seeing what different class mates came up with.

  6. I really enjoyed play all the games they were a lot of fun. It was really interesting to see what people came up with over lock down.

  7. i like some of your atevtes and i try all of those games at my house and they were fun

  8. It was fun playing the rocket and you took some good photos.

  9. thats a cool post mrs Hall my rokits wornt good


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