Thursday, May 21, 2020

TED Lab - Tawhirimatea Engineering and Design Lab

Today we met Danielle for the first time in person!  She spoke to us about her job and how important it is to be able to work in a team with a diverse range of people and skills.  We really enjoyed hearing some of her stories and ideas! 

We formed teams of 3-5 people and. researched our roles within the team. This was really interesting - who knew that rocket teams need a meteorologist?  Or even a biologist?

We finished our session outside shooting our first raw PET bottle to see how the machine works!  Gee we are so excited to be designing, building and launching rockets!  

We can't wait until next week!  


  1. that was amazing the first roket luanch

  2. that was fun and when you said go and get it i was the one to get it hope we do more

  3. mrs hall i really injog do the rocket work and make post and id cards and working in groups

  4. Wow I think that T.E.D is really fun and I really like doing it. I love how you made it so interesting just like S.E.S well done!!!

  5. Kiora Mrs Hall
    I really enjoyed doing this, it was very funny when it did not blast off. I can not wait to launch our very own rockets

  6. Hi mrs hall i enjoyed meeting Danielle and i really enjoyed our first rocket launch i can't wait till tomorrow which is thursday.
    from cass


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