Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Distance Learning 😎

Here I am working from home!  My office space is the dining table!  Lucky we have a breakfast bar to eat at eh?

I have been learning as much as you all!  Trying hard to make your learning fun, practical and easy!  I hope you enjoy it! 

I really enjoyed our hangout and hearing all the cool things you have been doing!  Like building ramps and tracks, making music and arty things!  Please keep sharing them with us on your blog! 

We are so lucky the weather has been good to get outside!  I might need to have a stretch now and get ready for the next learning session! 

I certainly do miss all my class and can't wait to see you all in person!


  1. hello Mrs Hall
    how are you? i miss you alot as well we have been having daily fitness weather it is going for a walk , bike scooteraround the block or big bike, walk or scoot somwhere

  2. I miss you all too! It's been a very funny time hasn't it!


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