Friday, April 17, 2020

Idominus's Lunch

Owen to the rescue! Black and White by The Wibbles
This week our art challenge was to make a picture out of nature and create some thing interesting!  This is Owen (AKA Jono) Riding Idominus who has just caught his lunch!  this is a Black and White work to look like the olden days!

Idominus's Lunch By the Wibbles
We had a lot of fun with this task and enjoyed searching for things that would create the picture!  We chose leaves to fill the body because it is Autumn and there are a lot of leaves around at the moment!

I learnt that Andy Goldsworthy - who is the artist who works like this, was born in England and now lives in Scotland.  He never uses any man made tools to make his art - only his hands!  Wow.  Sometimes he photographs his art in different weather conditions to see the difference in them!

This picture is Owen being eaten the Idominus catching his next prey!  Idominus Rex is a carnivore and in the lego movie he eats hot dogs! The Mosasaurus eats Idominus in the end! 

What an exciting morning we have had!  Being chased by dinosaurs...  whew now I'm off for an afternoon nap!


  1. Wow it looks like you have had some fun this morning! I didn’t realise that Andy Goldsworthy took his photos in different weather conditions - it must show some cool differences in the piece of art.
    I love how you have thought about the size of the dinosaur. It must have taken a while to find enough materials to make him.

  2. That is a very cool piece of artwork by The Wibbles! I wonder if they are a family that loves dinosaurs? have you created your dinosaur true to scale? It looks great.

    1. definitely not to scale!!! All our adjectives have been around dinosaurs too! Hahaha


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