Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Jono aka C3PO

Here is Jono's Robot!  Its life sized and he can wear it!  Jono loves building and creating things using his imagination.  He sees different things in every object! 

This Robot is made of boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon and rolls. We had fun putting it together! 

I wonder where he is now going to store it.... 😩


  1. A living, breathing robot! Very creative. Probably the largest robot I have seen made in the last week too. I wonder what it eats?

  2. Haha yes he is rather large! I am on good authority that he drinks oil and eats nuts and bolts! 🤔

  3. What an amazing robot, wasn't surprised to hear that he drinks oil and eats nuts and bolts. Fabulous imagination and creativity. You will be enjoying having Jono home.

  4. Awesome robot!! I know it will have super duper super powers! Looks like a lot of fun was had.

  5. It is an awesome, creative robot! It looks like it was complicated to put together, since it is bigger than Jono.


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