Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Introducing Pringles: The Flying Robot Chef

This weeks art challenge is to create a robot using recycled materials. This task was inspired by Martin Horspool, a Robot sculpturist who lives in Auckland. Martin pulls apart and repurposes old machines into super cool robots.

My creation, Pringles, is also a super cool robot.

To make my robot I first found a suitable item for the body, a Pringles tube. The bbq flavour made me think to make it a food-related robot. I then used scrap paper to make the arms, a tin for his head, and a paper towel for his face.

Once I had finished, I looked at my robot and thought it was missing something. Ah! Why not add a flying element to my robot? But how could I do that?

I started to look at different flying machines and thought that using propellers, like a helicopter, could help him fly. I found some plastic spoons and attached them to his head.


Now it was time to put Pringles to good use in the kitchen, so tonight I had him help me make dinner.

He was a great help in the kitchen. He opened up the tins, stirred, mashed and put it into the dish. Now it's in the oven. I can't wait to eat it!

I really enjoyed making my robot. I loved being able to give materials a second chance in life. All the items I used to make my robot were items found in my recycling bin.

The most challenging aspect of this task was to think of a robot design. I wasn't sure where to start with making him. I then remembered how Martin Horspool starts - he finds the body first, so that is what I did.

If I was to do this art challenge again, I would think about adding some colour to his face. Or I would look at creating some funky eyes for him.

Opening the tin of tomatoes

Mixing the mince

In the dish, ready for the oven
Mashing the pumpkin and potatoes


  1. Miss Moat, this is outstanding! I really love how you have used kitchen tools and he can help you with cooking! I have seen this type of art in the shops with nuts and bolts it is so cool!

    1. Thank you Mrs Hall, I wish I knew how to do the actual electronics so that he can be super helpful in the kitchen!

  2. Ha ha, what a cool creation! I like two things in particular, the inspo from the robot sculpturist and that you put him to use cooking! 👌🏾
    Do you think a shuttlecock tube would work the same? Or was it the "pringles" themselves that really make it perfect?
    I wonder how good he would be at making coffee?


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