Thursday, April 16, 2020

Miss Moat's Weekly Art Challenge - Week 1

This week I set a challenge to learn more about Andy Goldsworthy and create a piece of art using the same materials that he uses. He is an English artist that only uses natural objects to create sculptures and other creations.

I completed my artwork on Wednesday afternoon. I started by wandering outside to collect different leaves that have fallen to the ground. I also found some stones and a stick.

I felt relaxed as I moved the leaves around to see what pictures I could create.

Quackers the Duck - on his lovely morning walk!
Artwork by Miss Moat

I first made a brown duck with a bright yellow sun.

When I was making this picture I was starting to get annoyed as the wind kept blowing the leaves away and I had to keep restarting the duck. The wind finally stopped and I was able to quickly put the picture together and take a photo.

Don't worry, be happy!
Artwork by Miss Moat

I then asked myself "what can I make so that I am happy again?"

I decided to create a sunflower picture. I love sunflowers since they remind me of happiness.

I really enjoyed participating in this challenge. The wind made it difficult but I felt successful as I have been able to create two different images.

I would now love to try to make a sculpture; some sort of tall tower made of sticks. But I wonder how that would work as I would only be able to use natural materials.


  1. Wow Miss Moat, you have really inspired me to make one of my own! These are great! I really like how you have named your art and given it an explanation! What a great fun thing to do!

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  3. What a great idea Miss Moat - I love your creation. The children in Room Tangaroa have been writing their names with things they find from nature. Maybe we could try this now......I particularly like that this activity uses materials that everyone can source from home.


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