Monday, May 6, 2019

Chess lessons from the Eastern Knight Legacy

Today we were lucky to have Noble and Dan come to teach us the basics of chess.  The first of 8 lessons to get our skill up! 

Here's some things we learnt...  Practice up for next time! 

Chess:  letters across x-axis, numbers up y-axis
White on the right correct way to set up the board.
Notation of chess - co-ordinates

Pawns 1 - one square or 2 squares (First move only), cannot go backwards or sideways.  If it gets to the other side it can be promoted.  Can only capture on a diagonal. Pawns can capture all pieces. 
Rook 5 - straight lines cannot jump.
Knight 3 - L shapes 2 down one across any direction. But always L shape. Can Jump.
Bishop 3- diagonal only cannot jump. One on a black and one on a white square. Good idea to capture a bishop to have safe squares.
Queen 9 - Power - diagonals and straight lines.  As many as she wants.
King 0 - Mr Useless he can only move one square at a time. Needs to stay home.

If you call checkmate and it is not check mate then you have lost because it is not correct.

Practice the 2 rook chess move.


  1. Wow! Awesome to see you all enjoying chess. It's a great game that teaches you patience.... Tino Pai Rawa!

  2. Nice work great to see you are having fun at school!!!!!


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