Monday, May 20, 2019

Chess Session #2 - Castling

Games are silent.

  • Get out of check - move, block or capture the opponent.
  • Ladder checkmate or lawnmower check.
  • When you take a piece look at the value of it so that you aren't capturing the powerful pieces.
  • When pawns get to the other side you can swap it for a more powerful piece.
  • Who goes what colour - hands behind back and one person choses.  Next game swap over.

Chess is at least 4000 years old. En passant and Castling is a relatively new move.

Is an important move.  Only move in chess that you can take 2 pieces and move them at the same time.
King side castle:
  1. Kings pawn moves 2 spaces. 
  2. Move your kings knight.
  3. Move king 2 spaces right
  4. Rook jumps over the king.

Castle by the 8th move. You cannot Castle if the king or rook have moved before in the game. 
"I must not Castle out of Check" - you must block it first then castle on next move.
"I must not castle into check".
"I must not castle through check"
You touch it you move it.
Never touch your opponent's pieces - if you touch it you capture it.

Computational Thinking: 
Binary - 0 = off 1 = on  Looking at Truth Tables to get the circuit going needs to be all on to work.
And Gates:  input and out put. And Gate for Checkmate:  Can we block?  Can we move out? Can you capture?  If all questions are true then it is checkmate. 

thanks Matuas! 

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