Monday, May 27, 2019

Chess update #2

Baileymate (a game to help them learn how to check and what pieces do what)
Have to put me in check 
Have to use big pieces and then the pawns 
Once you use the big pieces they are stuck 
If you leave one unprotected I take it 

En passant 
Only can do it on the pawns 
When a pawn crosses half way it deserves respect 
You have to give the pawn a chance to respect you by moving just one square to the pawn who is across half way 
If you choose to disrespect that pawn the pawn that has moved past half way can still take you by moving across the diagonal and taking the disrespecting pawn.
You can do it with every pawn on the board 
It must be the two pawns either side of the pawn who deserves respect 
It must happen straight after the pawn has been disrespected, the very next turn. 

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