Monday, June 10, 2019

Are you like your star sign?

We went on a trip to the museum to the star lab and learnt about how our ancestors navigated the seas with the stars.  We saw all the different shapes of the constellations.  The reason we are learning about this is because this year is the Sestercentennial - 250 Years since the first landings of Europeans.  Tairawhiti was the actual first landing!

Here are some photos from the Museum.  A bit blurry but shows us in the star lab learning about our ancestors.

This was really interesting.  The constellations are right above us at certain times of the year.  One of the things wWe had a look at our star signs and did some writing about them.  We learnt was that they are named after Greek Gods and characters of the myths.  They also have personality types which we compared to ourselves to see if they were true!

Check out our blogs to see our writing and artwork!

Is there any other uses for knowing the star constellations?
What do you know about navigating and our first encounters?

Here is Miss McIntosh showing off our cool art! 


  1. i like the star sign idea it is cool

  2. Hmm, it is amazing thinking how clever all the voyagers were when they didn't have google maps or satellites showing them on a screen. I wonder what they did when it was cloudy of stormy and they could't see the stars to guide them?

    1. Good question, Lachie thinks that they used the currents and Max thinks they used the currents.


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