Thursday, May 23, 2019

Aurora Drama Programme Final Play

The Aurora Education Trust is an organisation that provides learning experiences to students who have talents in certain areas.  This year one of the projects was a Drama project that involved 7 days of researching, writing and performing a script about the first encounters in Turanganui. 22 students from 12 schools participated and did a great job working with each other and learning a lot about our history. 

Community leaders were involved and came in to talk, teach and work with the students around this topic.  
  • Chris Green worked with us for 2 session on Drama techniques.
  • Todd Sheridan worked with us on the first landing at Turanganui and the tragedy of those that were killed. 
  • Kata Ngata worked with us on the story of Tupaia. 
  • Albie Gibson from Turanganui Ararau provided cultural advice on the script. 

Here is the programme:

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