Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Not for the faint hearted!

One of our camp activities for 2019 was to go eeling!  We were all very excited - some had done it before and others hadn't!  It didn't matter which group you were in eeling is exciting!  You have to go late at night, set the traps and then check them early in the morning.  Eels can't see very well but can sense light so when it is dusk they come out!  Well when we first arrived there was a huge one in the river!  Wow excitement ripples through all of us!  

We set 2 types of traps - hinaki we had mad ourselves out of wire and a fyke net which was lent to us by Mr Farmer.  This one as you will see caught the most eels!  We were astounded to see over 25 eels in there in the morning!  Some had blue eyes which means that they are on their way to Tonga to breed so Jed (our parent expert) let those ones go to keep the species alive!  We kept 7 eels for our learning and put the rest back. 

Today, March 12, we dissected the eels.  It was very smelly and we had to be very self disciplined because the equipment is very sharp.  We learnt a lot about dissection, anatomy and cultural practices.  

The rules were: 
  • Be respectful of the animal - no sillyness and trying to scare others. 
  • Be responsible with the equipment - it can harm you. 
  • Wear safety gear. 
  • Take turns. 
The anatomy we looked for was: 
  • The 2 types of fins. 
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Ears
  • Vent
  • Heart
  • Gills
  • Guts
  • Liver - gall bladder
  • Brain
Culturally we: 
  • Learnt about their habitat and why eels are special creatures to NZ
  • Blessed the life we were using to learn from with Karakia
  • Buried the remains to give back to the Earth
  • Hung them in a tree to deslime. 
  • Learnt how to catch them traditionally with hinaki. 
Big thank you to Rachel, Miss McIntosh, Matua James and Jed for teaching us and helping us with this learning. 

Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou
ka ora ai te iwi

With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive


  1. Wow that really does talk about Eeling and what we did. eeling is a great thing to do. I should go Eeling with my family and then I could come back with all the knowledge that the students.I thought that you put the story nicely in order and had lots of described words. Also I liked all the rules
    The rules were:
    Be respectful of the animal - no silliness and trying to scare others.
    Be responsible with the equipment - it can harm you.Wear safety gear. Take turns. Also Who told you about feeling because it was a great idea For camp. Some people have never been Eeling before it is a privilege to be able to so thank you. I am so happy To be at Makaraka school Because we get to have journeys through the world and to explore what it is really like. Just one bit of feedback To Put the date. But awesome job keep it up Mrs hall. !!

    1. I like you comment kate. Keep the good work up! 👍

    2. I think you have put a lot of effort in this wonderful comment 👍👌

    3. 👍 I liked your comment kate well done

    4. I liked how you have a lot of detail well done😅👍👍👌👌

    5. everybody clap your hands 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    6. everybody clap your hands 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👊👊

  2. I like how you did quite a few pictures and the writing is very descriptive.I liked eeling to even though we didn't catch any in our home made ones.
    Maybe you could take out a few picture in the slideshow. So we do not have to flick threw so many slides.

  3. I liked it how they new students gave it a go. Same with the students that have done it by helping out.
    I liked elling to it’s yummy iting the ell.Same with making the hingak.Maybe you could tell that date and the day.

  4. Hi Mrs Hall,
    I like how you didn’t just write about catching the eels and Dissecting the eels, You wrote about the rules we went over so then the people who read this will know we knew what we were doing and knew the rules.

    I do agree that we were all excited for dissecting the Eels and seeing the insides. I have a question what was your favorite part the Dissecting or catching the eels?

    In my opinion I don’t think you need to improve on anything that I can see. Keep up the good work Mrs Hall!

  5. Hi my name is Ambar and i saw your blog and i really liked your part were you did the eel photos and when the part when you said not for the faint hearted. I wonder if you could Write a bit more about the eel.

    Hi my name Ambar and i want to know who is this posting this. My opinion is you need a bit more fact about eel

    Hi my name is Ambar How did you post some photos into your blog and i would like to find out a little bit more about eels.

  6. I liked how we went eeling on camp and you were right it was so exciting and fun.
    I also liked how you done some photos at camp and some photos at school.
    Again you are so right that there was a lot of eel’s in Mr famers net.
    Next time maybe you could add some thoughts of you and other people.
    Did you have fun chatting eels and was it a great time
    seeing how much there was.

    1. 👍 well done keep it up jessica I like the way you used the word next time

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 👍🙌 Well done kendra I really like your words that you used so keep it up

  8. I really like the way you really look in to it what you were writing and what you were talking about so I like the way you put that is was on camp when we were going eeling.I think you should improve on a little bit more of what we did and a little bit more facts and how you go eeling a little bit more.I think you are a really good writer and I really enjoy your writing and what you write and what you do is really fun because you really spoil the children in the class that you have got

    Thank you mrs hall for every thing.😈 Na just kidding
    this is the one that matchers you 😠 Na just kidding

  9. Hi Mrs Hall, I liked making the hinaki and even though I wasn’t there for the actual camp I wish I was to see the eels when you first caught them. My opinion is to have a bit more things on what you did on camp and a bit of facts to go eeling. I really enjoyed your post and you are a fun teacher because you take us on trips and you spoil us with lots on different things like trips and lots more.

  10. I liked that you put a photo side show on to your that you put a photo side show on to your blog about eeling it was so interesting and l liked that you put a very interesting tilt it was called not for a faint heated.
    blog about eeling it was so interesting and l liked that you put and l liked that you put a very interesting tilt it was called nota very interesting tilt it was called not for a faint heated.I liked that you put a photo side show on to your blog about eeling it was so interesting for a faint heated.I liked👍

  11. I liked that you was talking about catching eels.
    And taking pichers of all of us.
    I like that you talked about the eels that come out at night.
    We thought that was a good job and funny and cool and other things.
    And I thought it was fantasik that you explain how big the eels are.
    I thought it was good that you put varey inrising werds.
    It would be great that you would put some writing in the side show.

  12. Hi my name is levi Wow I feel so amazed with your peace of excellent work. And in the future I hope to see more of your cool work.I liked feeling even though neither of the groups catched any eel’s but I hope in this year we do more eeling.I think next time before post your work on your blog but you did a excellent job.👍👍👍

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. hi mrs hall
    I liked how you made it so cenarie and it felt like the Viewers were at the river for eeling.
    I liked how you talked about how we all felt.
    I liked how you talked about when the eels only come out only at morning.
    I thought it was really fun and we all did a good job.
    I thought it quite cool that we saw some eels.
    I thought it was quite cool that we made hinakies because it was quite a challenge
    It would be great to see that you would do more writing on the slide show but good job.


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