Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Class Game time!

 This week we have been getting out and enjoying the spring weather!  Our class PE Monitors have been super organised, suggesting games and making sure they are set up ready for us.  

This is Tawhirimatea playing Bench Ball.  It is a game where you have to tag everyone with soft balls and the team with no one left standing looses!  The hard bit is when you are out you go to the bench and then can tag from behind! 

 Watch out the balls come at you from everywhere!  It was fun and we were actually pretty even teams!  

The other games we played was capture the flag.  This is a fun tag game and you have to get the 'flag' back through the taggers over your line!  Well done to all the risk takers who powered through the lines!  They got super fit in the jail!  Press ups, star jumps and shuttle runs were the punishment for being tagged!  Again we were pretty even!  4 points to 5! 


  1. This is an awesome game, it sounds very similar to a game we play up here called Pakanga. Our tamariki love playing this game too. Summer time is coming and we play ki-o-rahi as well. Will have to upload a video of us in action.

    1. Thanks, we would love to learn about Ki O Rahi! We have a tournament for it down here but we have never entered it. Maybe we can watch you play and learn how to do it!


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