Thursday, August 23, 2018

Lunchtime Disco a great hit!

The grand finale to our Planet Sunshine fundraiser was a huge success today!  Makaraka School Community is a fantastic supportive bunch and we have really outdone ourselves.  

Here is the rundown of the fundraising: 

Pyjama Movie:  $435.90
Bake Sale:  $300.10
Disco:  $490.70

Making a grand total of $1226.71!!!!!!  

Wow the sick children of Gisborne are going to really benefit from this and Georgia and Tom are truely proud to be taking this giant cheque with them next week to their Aurora meeting.  

I wonder who will win the guess the lollies competition?

To be announced at assembly tomorrow...  

Some lucky person will be getting 480 lollies! 

From the bottom of our hearts - Thank You! 


  1. Go makaraka . an awesome effort by our kids. X

    1. Absolutely! What a fantastic school! They even did it with so many wounds...!!! ;-)

  2. Congratulations Rose O'Rourke for winning the jar of lollies! Great estimation skills!

  3. Well done go Makaraka we all did an awesome job fundraising for planet sunshine I am sure they would be so happy with us for making all this money and for supporting them with there play ground
    Thankyou Georgia & tom


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