Thursday, August 9, 2018

Stage Art in Napier - Senior Camp 2018

What a fantastic time we all had in Napier!  After loading the bus with all our food and gear we were excited to be off performing in a big Stage in Napier our Whirikoka performance.  

Travelling on the bus was fun watching DVD's! We stayed at Kennedy Park and did loads of things:

Sunday 5 August:

When we arrived at Kennedy Park, we set up our cabins ready for bed.  After lunch we headed off to Laser Strike.  This was awesome!  Even the adults had a go! 

That evening, after dinner and singing to Jahdin (whose birthday it was), we went off to bowling in Hastings!  This was awesome.  Some of us had never bowled before and we really enjoyed it!  

Bowling was awesome!  We were tired by 9pm though! We were straight home to bed!  After all there was a big day on Monday at the Theatre!  

Monday August 6: 

We arrived at the Napier Municipal Theatre.  This is a really cool Art Deco Theatre in the middle of Napier.  We got straight into a warm up and workshops.  Here are some videos of our first 2 workshops: 


After a break from dancing and a walk on the beach we began to get ready for the big performance.  We were first up!  Lots of us were nervous but we had done it before so that helped us to know what we were doing!  
Our parent helpers were amazing at hair and make-up and we really enjoyed the hype of getting dressed up for a performance.  

Here is our performance: 

It was really neat to see Gisborne intermediate School's performance also.  They performed the Wizard of Oz.  Theirs was different to ours but that's what live theatre is all about - seeing different things!  
We got a certificate for our Year 3-6 Entry.  

Tuesday August 7: 

Another birthday on camp!  Happy birthday Levi! 

Our last day was spent at the chocolate factory having a treat and then the playground for lunch.  We were all so tired and Mrs Hall lost her voice!  What a great experience - something we will never forget!  

Makaraka School - Making Memories! 


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  2. An awesome experience makaraka and the chocolate was delicious!

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