Thursday, August 2, 2018

Let's help Planet Sunshine!

We started our fundraising with a whole school Pyjama Day!  We had to dress in PJ's because that's what kids in hospital have to wear all day!

We had a great time making the most giant tub of popcorn thanks to Mrs Alan's water trough!  We also put the lollies out and then we were ready for the rest of the school!

The tub of popcorn was gone before half way through the movie! We were all so amazed at the huge tub!  Some people exclaimed that they had never seen so much popcorn!

We were really relaxed and enjoyed watching "The Secret Life of Pets".  It was really funny!

What an enjoyable fundraiser!  We raised over $400 for Planet Sunshine!  We can't wait till the next fundraiser on Thursday the 16th - A bake sale!  Yum!!!!

Thanks Makaraka!


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