Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Central School's Amazing Production

How lucky were we to be invited to Central School's Production - This is Us.  We thought it was fabulous.  They had narrators and lots of interesting costumes and props.  Everything looked just stunning. 

The story was about their journey from the creation of Earth to present day and beyond.  The dancers in the creation did really well and performed to Holst's Jupiter!  A powerful piece of music. 

The giant sized puppets really show cased the European and Maori descendants and the make up of our culture.  It is no mean feat putting over 400 students on the stage and Central did a great job! 

I loved seeing Tim be a part of the show also!  He is often behind the scenes and he would have loved helping his old school!

It was great to watch and we hope we can return the hospitality next year for our production! 

Arohanui Central - Terrific effort!

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