Thursday, September 13, 2018

Tamararo 2018

On September 1 Makaraka School performed our Atua bracket at the Tamararo competition.  It was a great performance and very polished.  These Waiata are named after our school classroom names and are about the Atua and the essence of what they stand for in Maoridom.  

Our class names in the order performed are: 
  • Tangaroa - God of the ocean (a moteatea)
  • Tanemahuta - God of the forest (Waiata-a-ringa)
  • Tawhimatea - God of wind and storms ((Waiata Poi)
  • Ruaumoko - God of the underground and volcanic action (Haka)
  • Rongomatane - God of peace and land (Waiata-a-ringa)

Here is the video of us performing.  We hope you enjoy it!  


  1. I love the drum in it because it just blended in with songs.

  2. That was a great performance (Izablella)
    You must've put a lot of practice in (Cass)
    We loved watching it! (Rose)
    That was the best Kapa Haka performance ever! (Ben)
    We love the singing it was very loud! (Anna)
    That was the coolest thing i've ever seen! (Te Watea)


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