Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Marimba Festival Fun!

What a great time we had with Jeremy today! Yes these students gave up their holidays to attend this ONZA funded workshop!  Wahoo to all of you!  Jeremy played recorder, drums, ukulele and helped us to sound awesome!  We have now played all the repertoire for the festival and only need to practice!

Jeremy was really impressed by the Gizzy attitude and the can do mindset!  We played for 3 hours and it didn't even feel like it!  What cool kids we have at Makaraka School!

For those who couldn't make it we will catch you up next term!  

Thank you Jeremy! 

Some cool snippets of the songs we have been learning: 

The Ocean Refuses No River


Tulevai - from the book in our library.  Watch the solo improv by Angus!  


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