Monday, March 16, 2020

Learning Map 1 Curriculum Evening

Last Tuesday we were lucky to have Mary Wootton visit and lead our curriculum evening.  

Great to see our student teachers involved too! 

We even got a sausage for dinner! 

Mary introduced our community to what we are doing in school with learning maps.  It was great to see so many people sharing the learning process with their children! 

Here is the slide of information that was given: 

Once the class has finished their maps, videoed and completed the form, Mrs Hall can see if there are any common trends with what all students are saying... 

Here is Tawhirimatea's trends: 

From now we do some learning and reflecting to see if we can make the changes that will help our learning.  Today we reflected on our change after 4 weeks and tweaked it for the remainder of the term!  

Outcome: We are getting better at our learning behaviours! 

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