Friday, July 5, 2019

Youth Environment Ambassadors visit

On Thursday we had 5 Youth Enviro Ambassadors visit us to talk about fossil fuels, NZ's proposed law changes and to write a submission to the Government with our ideas on this.  Maya, Alice, Toby and Pearl and Sofia spoke to us about what they have been doing and how they developed their group.

After watching a video about fossil fuels, we then had a discussion about what we could do about it in NZ and put them together in a submission to parliament.
The submission process is an important way to have a say on what is happening with our law changes.  You can have your say without being 18 years old and having to vote. 

Here are some of our submission ideas: 

  • Take alternative transport like biking or walking where possible.
  • Buy Electric vehicles.
  • Purchase products that are made by companies that are environmentally conscious. 
  • Buy less plastic.
  • Use reusable straws and bags. 
  • Eat less beef and more chicken and lamb. 
  • Write letters to politicians telling them how you feel. 

Be united and aim for the same goal!

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