Friday, August 2, 2019

Site dances

In Friday Programme we were looking at our special school places.  We really love to show off our school and we decided in groups to create a dance using these special places.  
We used the Pou which are for all our classes, the playground which we love to play on and the cycle track posts to play leap frog on. 

We were learning to include all our group members in our dance and use unison, canon stillness and movement.  We think we did great at all of this! 

The music was added in last to give it a really good feel.  This was so much fun and here are our videos: 

Pou Atua

Playground Fun

Leap Frogs


  1. Yes all of your dance was great I really like the music and dance moves best of all!👌👌

  2. That dance was excellent I really enjoyed it

  3. An excellent way to show how the spaces in your school reflect your moods!

  4. Hi my name is Eman from Papakura central school I really enjoyed all of them but liked the leap frogs one most. You made it look really ancient the way you did it but next time I think you should not make it that long.


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