Monday, July 1, 2019

Yearly Nuhaka Exchange

Last Wednesday we went on our yearly sports exchange to Nuhaka.  Every second year we go there and on the other years they come to us.  It is a fun day which ends with a shared lunch. 

The scores were: 

Netball: 13 - 7 to Nuhaka
Chess:  26 - 14 to Nuhaka
Rugby:  57 - 24 to Nuhaka

We really enjoy catching up with our friends down there. It is also really neat to see the Year 7 and 8's who help with refereeing and judging the chess.  Thanks again Nuhaka! 


  1. I like how you played sport and chess and you have a picture of your class or school in the bus

  2. I like how you added the scores on top of The sports you Won in

  3. Hi i like how you added all the sports that you done.

  4. Hi guys I am Mohit from Papakura Central School I like that you guys play
    chess as a sport to play and you guys are so friendly that you guys share

  5. Hello. My name is Jessica and Im from Papakura Central School.
    I like the way you put in lots of photos of your fun day!
    I dont actually know how to play chess so that was cool.
    Next time you should put some more sentances about your day and how you were feeling.


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