Friday, November 1, 2019

An unusual present!

Today Lachie bought me an ostrich egg from his aunty's farm!  Wow it is huge!  It was vey heavy and the shell was so thick!  Lachie told me that you can eat them and make cakes with them and use them the same way that hens eggs are used.  

Lachie said that one ostrich egg has 22 hens eggs worth of egg inside!  He uses a drill to open them up and pour the egg out.  That's one huge omelette! I can't wait for Saturday's breakfast!  

I wonder what other facts we can learn about ostrich eggs? Can we compare them to hen's eggs?  

Friday was an exciting day! 


  1. If a drill is needed to open it up,that makes it safer to transport than hens eggs, less likely to crack.How heavey is it compared to hens eggs?

  2. Wow, that is an interesting present!

  3. Hi i'm Cameron I really didn't know that an ostrich egg was the size of 22 normal chicken eggs. I also didn't know that you could find one on your farm that's cool and awesome.

  4. Hi my name is Josiah I never knew that you could find ostrich eggs in a Barn I really enjoyed this Blog keep up the good work

  5. Hi
    I am Armika and I love how much research you guys did and how you got that is really cool.
    I love how you measured it.
    Next time maybe you could say what types of thing you can make with it.
    By Armika

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  7. Hi Guys I am Mohit From Papakura Central School One Ostrich egg has 22 hen legs worth of egg inside wow ceep up the good work

  8. hi my name Trey im a year 5 at papakura central school i really like eggs but i have never found a ostrich egg thats one new thing for me ;).


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