Thursday, October 24, 2019

Ki O Rahi Tournament

Yesterday all the Year 5 and 6's went to the Inter-school Ki O Rahi Tournament.  The tournament was at Gisborne Intermediate School and there were 25 teams! 

The day began well with Round 1 and 2 but the weather wasn't on our side!  Around 9.30 the clouds started moving in and it became very cold!  We were worried that it was going to rain!  Funny thing was the bus driver had warned us that the forecast wasn't good!  He was right!  It began blowing and icy cold rain came hammering in!  Brrrr!

The organisers were worried and began to say we would call it off if it didn't clear in 15 mins.  Well schools started packing up and leaving!  I guess the decision was made. The tournament was called off! 

What a shame!  We were just getting in to it and having fun!  the rain did stop but it was still very cold.  Mrs Hall called the bus and we ate our morning tea until the bus turned up.  Disappointed we headed back to school to warm up!  It was a great experience while it lasted!  Hopefully we can attend the tournament next year.

Watch out for our Ki O Rahi myths coming up on Blogger!

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