Monday, February 4, 2019

Values Work

In Week 1 we started looking at our school Values.  We really thought hard about how we learn at Makaraka, what we learn and how we should be as people.  This is an ongoing focus for this year as we take on leadership as seniors at Makaraka School. 

Here is a short clip of some of the drama we did to help us feel what learning is like across many areas! 

In groups we then used a strength card to look at how we can choose to be certain ways.  What does it feel like to be the "un" version of this?  Why would we choose the "un" version?  What makes people be in the "un" frame of mind?

Here is an example of one group's learning about being yourself!


  1. I enjoyed your presentations in Assembly Rm Tawhirimatea, and neat to see your work displayed on your blog too! Values are so important to having an enjoyable and fun time at Makaraka, and who doesn't want to have fun in their learning?!

  2. Wonderful values Room Tawhirimatea!! Have fun keeping these real this year with Mrs Hall and your classmates ������


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