Thursday, February 7, 2019

Beach Education was fun!

Oscar the sun-smart Beach Ed millionaire!  
What a cool (excuse the pun!) day at Beach Ed.  the sun wasn't that shiny but Makaraka Kids were! Ruaumoko and Tawhirimatea learnt a lot about Rips, beach safety and what being a life guard is all about.

Then we had water activities to build our confidence and skills in the ocean.  This included boogie boards, relays with the rescue tubes and how to float and fall in the waves.

After lunch was beach games like flags and then home!

We were all exhausted but we learnt a lot about the beach!  Look out for our Rip and beach safety tips coming up!

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  1. Good job Tawhirimatea!! We loved going to Beach Ed day with you.... Thank you for helping us on the day.... We really like the photo at the top of the blog!


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