Friday, March 30, 2018

Maths Curriculum Evening 28/03/18

On Wednesday evening we had an amazing turnout to our Maths curriculum evening.  We had fun playing maths games, problem solving and learning how to practice Maths at home.
We use the Prime Maths programme and it was a great opportunity to show our parents how Prime Maths works.

Here is Mrs Hall's Powerpoint:

We started with a hot milo and bickies and then had a go at the problems after the presentation.  There were even Easter Egg prizes!  Here are the winners of the problem solving draws:

2B: James Williams, 2nd: Gerald Marshall
3A: Caitlin Bayly, 2nd: Bridgette Bayly
3B: Geraldine Seaton, 2nd: Erana Blandford
4A: Mrs Allan, 2nd: Andrea Stevens
4B: Leah Tupara, 2nd: Ro Jones

Some photos of our super evening:


  1. they made the problems pretty difficult but once you got it it was easy
    the kahoot game was really fun my brother Asher was in charge of it! i wondered how everyone made the boxes they were cool :)

  2. I like the maths games they were cool


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