Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Makaraka vs Makauri Lunchtime Chess

Today we had a chess tournament against Makauri Year 6's.  It was a great time to meet and network with other students who have the same interests as us.  Thank you so much Makauri for the shared lunch it was delicious!  Also thanks to Mrs Worsnop who organised the whole thing! 
Special mention to Tom and Harry our high scorers!  Unfortunately we lost overall but now have some drive to practice and learn those 3 move checkmates before our Nuhaka exchange! 
This is what collaboration and sharing time together is all about! 
Tino Pai Tawhirimatea learners!


  1. good try makaraka we will get a win next time

  2. We all did well and we tried our best witch is the main thing.And the food there was delicious.They where great hosts as well.

  3. All the makaraka and makauri chess players are really good

  4. Those chess players that played for makaraka did really well because they didn't get sad and angry that we lost. Makauri was really good because they didn't show off and brag about winning in front of us.

  5. good job makuri for winning and good job to makaraka too


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