Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Panui e hoa - Read with our friends!

Today we started to learn the skills we will need for our Panui e hoa reading programme! 

We looked at:

  • How to greet our buddy - with a smile, hug, handshake! 

  • How to introduce the book and ask questions about what the story might be about. 

We found a partner and role played this part of the programme.  We found out that it is important to have humour, use patience and ask questions.  Giving hints and lots of compliments are also vital! 

Tomorrow we learn how to ask questions and what are good questions to ask.  We will practice giving compliments!  This is looking like a fun way to get into reading!


  1. Wow I am impressed at how engaged and open to learning everyone looks! Lots of smiles abound, there must have been some humour around! I am intrigued to hear what the compliments were you gave eachother...?

  2. Yes we are enjoying this programme! Some of our compliments were:
    "I like how you sounded the word out"
    "You used great expression in your reading"
    "You look nice today, your earrings look like Matariki stars"
    There are many more! We are really being specific!

  3. How lovely!! They say a picture can tell a thousand words. One that comes to mind is whanaungatanga. Such meaningful connections and relationships... so nice seeing the children awhi each other and filling up those buckets of good feelings!
    What have you done to fill someone’s bucket today?


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