Monday, June 15, 2020

Enviro schools with Kirsty

Today we had Kirsty come in to talk about the 5 guiding principles of Enviroschools. She started at assembly with the metaphor of a river and us all being on the waka of learning and creating a healthy community.

We looked at a picture of a community and were able to identify what is happening and how that is a good thing for our world! 

The 5 guiding principles are: 

  1.  Sustainable Communities
  2. Maori Perspectives
  3. Learning for Sustainability
  4. Empowered Students
  5. Respect for diversity of people and cultures
When we have learnt a bit more and remembered the things that we are doing here are Makaraka we will update you further! 

Here is out Tawhirimatea Whakatauaki: 

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