Sunday, February 16, 2020

What are learning maps?

On Thursday and Friday we drew and analysed our learning maps.  This is our first one for 2020.  What is a learning map I hear you ask... 

Learning Maps are a tool that supports children to be active and connected in their learning.  The children draw their current learning situation and then look at their map, talk to others and decide on a change they would like to make to help with their reading, writing and maths.

Every map is a 'right' map as it is drawn from individual perspectives.  The change priority that is decided on comes from what the learner feels needs to happen with the help of the teacher and their families.  Students may choose to share their maps with parents at home as they are all digital in a slide presentation.  They may also put them on blogs if they wish. 

From here we will be trying to make that change happen for the learners by reflecting each week and focussing on trends across our class that are common to everyone.  After a month we may reflect on our change priority and then revise, alter it or come up with a new one. 

In New Zealand in our curriculum has the vision that "young people will be confident, actively-involved lifelong learners."  Learning maps will take a large role in building the capability of children to be able to talk and make decisions about their learning! 

Ask a Makaraka Student about their learning and they will be able to tell you!

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