Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tauranga Marimba Festival 2018

Marimba Festival 2018

Last week on Wednesday Nov 7 a group of students from Tawhirimatea travelled to Tauranga to perform in the Marimba Festival.  This is the first time that the festival has been held outside of Auckland and so we thought we'd better support it!  

The festival was held at Our Place in the centre of Tauranga City and is a community container mall type place.  It is perfect for small performances and events like this!  We had a great time and learnt all the songs before we went.  Gisborne students were certainly able to hold our own!  All that hard work paid off!  

We stayed at Papamoa and managed to squeeze in a swim in the sea before returning home.  What a great opportunity to learn some new songs all about the sea and perform with other students from the Bay of Plenty!  Everyone had a ball and we sincerely thank the parents and Jeremy for enabling us to be creative, have fun and show off some new skills!

Here are the songs we played: 

Surfin USA

The Ocean Refuses No River

Tauranga Moana



Nervous Wreck

How Far I'll Go

Trillo - The Teacher's Turn! 

Drunken Sailor

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