Saturday, April 7, 2018

GDC Visits on Dog Safety

Looks like a great lesson on how to be safe with dogs happened while I was away.  Can you tell me:

  • 3 things you learnt...
  • 2 interesting facts?
  • 1 question you still have...

Post in the comments section!


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  3. I learnt how you touch a dog so it will not bite you.Also I learnt that if your dog is lost and the people do not know whos it is you get a week to pick it up or they will look after it.And a dog is not always going to be friendly.A fact is sometimes when they not pick up there dog it gets rehomed if its safe.Its most likely to be a small dog that bites you. Question where do you look after the dogs,and how long do you look after the dogs

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  7. I learnt that when a dog is barking at you you do not run away because they think its a game. Ask to pat a dog don't just go over and let the dog smell you hand in a fist and then pat him/her under their neck. All dog breed's can harm you but it depend about how the owner raised the dog. If your dog is missing and you can not find it i is most likely in the pound. Dog's have a chip in there neck that will show the owner address phone number and name of owner. How many dog are in the pound right now

  8. I learnt to never pat a dog if you don't know it.
    I learnt to not pat the dog on its head pat the dog on its chin or underneath its chin.
    I learnt to always have a leash on your dog if you want to go for a walk with it.
    If you don't pick your dog up in seven days they will adopt it.
    If your dog is lost and found heaps by the council the payment gets higher
    Does this happen with all animals or just dogs?

  9. Don't approach a dog with an open hand or from the head.
    Don't pet a dog you don't know or that you don't have permission to pet.
    A dog is most likely to attack if you run away.

    They catch about 3 stray dog a month.
    A dog will always beat you in a running race.

    What happens to a dog that doesn't get pick up by the owner and it becomes yours.


  10. .How to approach a dog with no owner
    .If you don't pick up your dog from the council its the councils dog
    .If you pat its head it might bite

    .They put a chip in the dogs so they if it runs away and the council finds it they scan the dog and they know whos dog it is
    .if your dog keeps running away you can get an electric collar and stick wires around the bounders that its not aloud to go past and if it does it gets an electric shock
    .If a dog is the councils and it has police skill or rescue skill can they give it to them.

  11. 3 things you learnt:
    To pat the dog in a fist so your fingers are not showing.
    To stroke the dog under the chin not on the top of their head.
    To not run away from a dog.

    2 interesting facts:
    If your dog had been caught three times in some parts of new zealand they put them down.
    some parts of new zealand after a few days you have to bye your dog back.

    1 question you still have:
    Would you rehome certain dogs to better owners?

    1. cool facts hannah I really like your things you learnt

  12. That dog's signal to attack is when they get pat on the head
    That you approach a dog with your fist closed
    That Anzac does hunting with Ross
    That after 6 days if lost your dog and it with Ross it becomes there dog and you have to bye it back off them
    That animal control finds over 100 dog each year

    Does animal rescue dog from there owner if they are treated poorly

  13. Never pat a dog if you don't know it.Don't pet a dogs head you only pet it's head if you know it well.Walk with a lead.Something i found interesting was if you have a dog you can chip the dog or get a tag for it so when it gets lots you can find it.And if you're dog gets found it stays at the pound for a week and if you don't pick it up in a week it gets put down.My question that i still have is,do you ever keep someones dog if they don't want it or do you put it up for adoption.

  14. to bat a dog under the chin to approach a dog with a closed fist if a dog is barking at you stay where you are and cross you ams.

    to bat a dog andr the chin that little dogs are moor dandres

    if a dog is being used for fitting wool the best control take the dog away

  15. .i leanrnt where to pat dogs if they are on the streat without an owner.i also learnt how to beave around dogs and how to aproch a dog.

    1 fact is puppys dont respond well to water.fact 2 dogs don't like being caged.

    do dogs try to excape out of the pound.


  16. I learnt how to approach a dog i don't know the certain types of dog that are bred for fighting, what an electrical collar is, i learnt some facts about the pound , that not all pounds put the animal down after a few times it has been there and not to pat a dog n the head in case it is the dogs signal to attack. a question i still have is, how do you know an electric collar isn't hurting your dog to badly?

  17. Thank you everyone! I have learnt a lot from your comments! Keep up the great learning and posting. Remember there, they're and their... :-)

  18. I learnt that you hold a fist lower it then let the dog sniff you then rub it on the lower neck. I learnt that dogs can be nice to their owners but not to others. also that when a dog is aggressive don't run just slowly turn around and walk away.
    that some people get deathly afraid of dogs because the got bitten as a kid. it's not the breed that make the dog dangerous it's the owner
    i want to know if how long can a dog be mistreated before getting taken off you

  19. 1. I learnt how to approach a dog, how to control a dog, and how to pat dogs.2. Dogs have a good sincs of smell and have good hearing too. 3. What happens if a dog is looking at other dog when you are walking it what do you do.

  20. I learnt from dog safety to pat a dog under the chin approach a dog with a fist a little do can bite

    interesting fact that they keep a dog if you pick it up in a week that they don't put a nusle on it they have somethinking els

    my question is how do the dogs get the worm in their tail

  21. .if a dog doesn't have a chip but their is a numbered tattoo in their ear what does that mean

    .when a dog is a pup they get a chip perzis their skin

    .when a dog is in front of you and it looks like it is going to bit you just stand their really still and until it go's away and walk slowly

  22. . Always ask the owner before you pat there dog
    .Always approch a dog that you don't no with a closed fist
    .If you see a dog that you don't know don't run
    .If you have lost your dog you should look in the SPCA.
    .In some parts of NZ if your dog has bean court more than 3 time they might put your dog down.
    .What would happen to a dog that didn't want to be adopted.

  23. to pat a dog 2.How to treat a to look after a dog
    That you always feed your dog 2 Always shut the gate before school
    would you rehome curion dogs to better owners

  24. I learnt that if you see a dog roaming around don't touch it and put your hand in your armpits and stay still until it goes away

    did you know that they're hundreds of dogs around the world and if you see a dog with its owner on leash you can asked pat him but you have to get permion then close your hand into a fist then let the dog smell you then pat it under the chin


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